GritTec's Pitch Shift

GritTec's Pitch Shift 1.43

GritTec's Pitch Shift technology is used for pitch scale modification of speech
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Pitch shift technology can be effectively used for changing initial music or voice into another music or voice (audio-speech effect - voice changer).
- With IVR systems such as text to speech (TTS) systems;
- With solutions of VoIP telephony such as audio chats;
- For voice messanging services (voice mail).
- High sound quality;
- Real time processing;
- Signal delay: 0 ms.;
- Guarantees fixed speaker position for stereo signals;
- Pitch-stretch factor: 50%, ..., 200% (normal speed: 100%);
- Dynamic mode changing of pitch stretch factor;
- Length of input packet data: inside specific length OR you can set packet length in samples yourself, but not less then 20 ms and not more then 40 ms.;
- Dynamic mode changing of length of packet data;
- Easy integration with target applications.

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